GARMIN zumo 550 / 500 / 445 / 400 / BMW zumo / HONDA zumo / Road Tech zumo / Overall Optimization, Front-Housing Button / Keypads and Touch Screen Repair (RZ5TSFR)


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GARMIN zumo 550 Overall Optimization, Front-Housing Button / Keypads and Touch Screen Repair (RZ5TSFR)



OveraOptimization of Your GARMIN zumo 550

– Replacement of your defective front housing with our newly designed housing with ABS-Plastic buttons specially developed for motorcycle gloves, this ensures safe operation and therefore increases overall safety.

– Replacement of Touch Screen and the display seal, including atFX shock anti-reflective screen protector.

– Sealing of Touch Screen edge- Stability reinforcement from GPS antenna, RAM / ROM memory and CPU on the mainboard

– Replacement of the internal battery (saves the time and GPS data, if it was recently renewed, please briefly inform us).

– Checking and polishing of the contact strip

– 2x DHL shipping. A DHL label in PDF format will be sent to your e-mail shortly after you place your order (only for Germany)

– Warranty on the work carried out!

– Invoice with itemized VAT. Once the statutory warranty has expired, GPS STATION & Co. provides an unlimited service warranty

Information for Buyers:

– Order processing takes approx. 5 days. Because of the current high order volume in this area (rubber button damage), a shorter processing time is not possible.

– For warranty reasons, delivering the front housing with ABS plastic buttons for DIY installation is not possible

– GPS STATION & Co. reinforces the device against vibrations, which eliminates 90% of the following anomalies: GPS signal failure, sound failure, software glitches and the device not starting at all, for example. Depending on the engine performance in higher speed ranges, higher vibration frequencies that are not visible to the naked eye can occur